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Dog Daycare

Dog daycare is a dream come true for busy owners who work long hours or simply don't have time to exercise high-energy dogs.  A tired dog is a happy dog!

Night Care and Long Term Stay

Enjoy your time away knowing that your dog is well taken care of!  We attend to special needs and your dog's safety and comfort is our top priority.

Cat Care

K9-5 created a paradise for cats where your cat will be able to climb, crawl, hide, jump, keep his balance and sharpen his claws... or simply roll around.  Kitty will be left with unforgettable memories!


K9-5 is pleased to offer full grooming services.  Our amazing groomer will not only make your pup gorgeous but will take extra care to make sure their experience is as stress free as possible!

Services available:

-  Bath & Brushout

-  Shave and style

- Furminator brushing

- Nail trims

- Spot clipping